Will I have to configure my build?

No, all builds come with the operating system of your choice, we also upload mining software and GPU optimisation is done in house as well. Your rig will be fully tested to make sure it is stable. Its a plug and play solution.

What Hashrate will I get?

Your Hashrate will depend on individual build.
As a guide this is the current average Hashrate for individual cards:
- 1660 super - 30MH/s
- RTX 3060ti - 40-45MH/s

What is your warranty, are GPUs covered?

We provide a full Return to base warranty on all builds for 12 months. However this does not include GPUs. Manufacturers have stated that they will not provide warranty on cards used for mining as this is not what they are purposely built for. If you use your cards for just gaming you are entitled to a full manufacturers warranty.

Can I get a custom rig with less cards, then add cards later?

We are happy to provide any custom build requirements, including less cards, the ability to use as a gaming pc, bigger commercial operations.

Can I pay in cash or bitcoin?

At this stage we are currently only accepting, upfront bank transfers as payment. This is so we can secure the components required for your build.

How long will it take to get my rig?

Approximately 3-4 Weeks depending what we have in stock and your specific order. Please contact us and we will be able to provide a realistic accurate ETA on the individual order.

How much is shipping?

Free to SE QLD, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Gold Coast, or free pickup on the Gold Coast.
This is a guide only, each rig will be different base on size and wait.
6 Card Rig
Sydney - $400
Canberra - $440
Melbourne - $420
Adelaide - $440    
Perth -     $520
Darwin - $565
8 Card Rig
Sydney - $450
Canberra - $490
Melbourne - $460  
Adelaide - $480    
Perth -     $560   
Darwin - $605
The service we currently use is Pack & Send, fragile package delivery service, to protect your hardware in transit all rigs are carefully packaged and includes full insurance for replacement of the rig.

This is inclusive of estimated travel time of 7 days, track and trace, delivery to door, proof of delivery, Warranty Cover for loss only.